Translucent Sheet

(Translucent Trapezoidal roof sheet)

Translucent  sheets are corrugated reinforced polyester sheets used for lighting roof coverage.

Tanslucent Trapezoidal roof  sheets have high endurance to temperatures ranging -40 ºC upto +140ºC  as well as chemical pollution. Excellent durabilty to time and very capable of withstanding (UV) radiation.

Lightweight and easily installed with an innovative design at their edge to ensure complete watertightness and make Translucent roof sheets ideal for lighting roof coverage, skylights, greenhouses, window, verandes, ect.

Sectional Drawing


Technical Characteristics

Translucent Trapezoidal roof sheet


Specific weight  1,4gr/cm3 (ASTM D-792) 
Fiberglass Reinforcement 27%  
Total Light Transmission 87%-90%  
 UV Transmission =19%  
 IR Transmission =87%  
Visibilty  =89%  
 Total Transmission of Solar Power =86% (ASTM E-124)
     Thermal Conductivity Coefficient:λ    W/m K°0.22  
Heat Transmission Coefficient:Κ W/m2K°5  
 Temperature Range -40/-120C°  
Thermal Expansion   C°-1 2.7*10-5     (ASTM D-696)  
Water Absorbtion 0.2% (ASTM D-570)
Hardness by Barcol >45 (ASTM D-2583)
Tolerance Temperature 404.4 C° (ASTM D-1929)
Self Ignition Tempurate 487.8 C° (ASTM D-1929)
Fire Behaviour <6m/min