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NEWS 2020

1) 2020 The state-of-the-art EUROPAN AD plant in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, an investment of 14 million euros for the production of Mineral Wool and Polyurethane Panels, completes the Group's plans for expansion into new markets. With the most modern facilities and size in Europe, in 65-acres with 18,000m² buildings, it comes to meet the needs of the Bulgarian market and the neighboring Balkan countries. With a production capacity of 15,000m² per day, it can meet even the most demanding needs. It is able to fulfill the most challenging projects with special items and gutters produced in the most modern machines. Certified according to ISO Austria with all quality and safety certificates, it guarantees the maximum quality of the products until the delivery of each project.

2) 2020 Expansion of 2 industrial buildings of 9,000m² on a plot of 25 acres with installation of a new line of Polyurethane Panel and Mineral Wool, according to the standards of the subsidiary EUROPAN AD, in Greece in grounds next to our existing facilities at the 6thkm of Athens Thiva. An investment of 9 million euros, in order to meet the needs of construction in our country in the field of Fire Protection of Metal Structures according to the New Standards. A modern vertical Production Unit, ideal for the Greek standards.

3) 2020 In the field of "Electricity Generation from Wind Energy" of the group Renewable Energy Sources, Strategic Investments of 122 million euros have been included in the field of Wind Investments. 5 wind farms will be developed in the areas of Xanthi and Rodopi with a total capacity of 120.3 MW. Activities related to Energy Production, Photovoltaic and Wind farms are included within the purposes of the Group. The Wind Power Plants are located within an area of ​​wind suitability of the mainland and are located outside environmental protection zones or other zones of various types of protection.

4) 2020 Investments in mechanical equipment, specifically in the production of purlins required for the needs of fixed photovoltaic steel bases. With know-how, simplicity of assembly and robustness of construction, the Group provides in the Greek and European market bases for the support of Photovoltaic panels, suitable for outdoor installations and for the construction of projects of all sizes. It is based exclusively on its own design and all the elements of the support base are produced according to the strictest specifications, covering all the certifications.

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