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Kamaridis GlobalWire Group is one of the largest Greek Steel Industries, manufacturer of Roll-Formed Steel Sheets, Prefabricated Insulated and Architectural Polyurethane PUR INSOTHERM-PIR PIROTHERM PANELS and the latest and largest producer of Black & Galvanized Wire, Construction Nails and Wire Mesh in Greece.


Polyurethane Rooftile Panels PUR/PIR, Thermal Polyurethane Panels PUR/PIR, Fire resistant ROCKWOOL, FRIGO Polyurethane Panels PUR/PIR

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Wire Products

Hard Wires (Fil Clair), Black Soft (Annealed) Wires, Galvanized Wires, Common Nails

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Steel Products

Beams, Hollow sections, Merchant Bars, Tubes for construction, Concrete Reinforcing Steel, Concrete Reinforcing Steel in Coils

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Our Guarantee

Customer Support

Excellent customer support is one of the basic philosophies of Kamaridis GlobalWire Group.


Its EN ISO 9001:2015 certification is proof of the high standards of products and services provided by Kamaridis GlobalWire Group.


The expertise and experience of our staff are crucial for the prompt and efficient service provided to our customers.


Our company's goal is to protect the environment and to promote "green" growth and policies across the entire spectrum of our activities.


The aim of Kamaridis GlobalWire Group is the supply and the production of high quality metal products.


Kamaridis GlobalWire Group meets all the requirements in order to comply with the rules of the Greek Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (ELINYAE).

Social Contribution

The social contribution of Kamaridis GlobalWire Group is an integral part of its 40-year history as well as its philosophy. The company contributes substantially to social, cultural and charitable causes both in local communities and nationwide.

It is the aim of Kamaridis GlobalWire Group to continuously improve its activities as a corporate citizen who respects and promotes the social, environmental and cultural values ​​of our country: respect for people and human dignity, respect for the environment we inherited, improvement of living standards and quality of life.

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