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Corporate Identity

Kamaridis GlobalWire Group is one of the largest Greek Steel Industries, manufacturer of Roll-Formed Steel Sheets, Prefabricated Insulated and Architectural Polyurethane PUR INSOTHERM - PIR PIROTHERM PANELS and the latest and largest producer of Black & Galvanized Wire, Construction Nails and Wire Mesh in Greece.

It was founded in 1976 as a trading company.

In 1990 starts manufacturing formed steel products for the construction of steel fabricated buildings.

In 2003 starts producing at its ultramodern facilities Thermal Insulating Polyurethane Panels (PUR/PIR), Fire Resistant Panels (Rockwool) and Fire-Resistant Polyurethane Panels (new series of PIRotherm) related to the manufacturing of Metallic and Insulated elements, for covering buildings, industrial cooling chambers and modern infrastructure. Specifically, the company produces and merchandise, Panels Coated Materials and any other products related to these ones (e.g. Purlins, Special Items, Ridges, Screws, etc.).

In 2009 the wire facilities have been founded and started the production of Nails and Black & Galvanized Wires. In 2014 the latest investment of our company starts its production of Wire (black) Mesh and Concrete Reinforcing. In 2015 the wire facilities and more specifically, the galvanizing line expanded to produce Galfan Wire (Zinc-Aluminum Wire) ISO 9001 certified.

The head offices and the production facilities of Kamaridis GlobalWire Group are located at the 4th, 5th and 6th km of the Old Thiva-Athens Highway, Greece, on a land of 140,000sq.m. and its facilities covering 50,000sq.m. in total.

The facilities ensure compliance with all the safety and ergonomic requirements acc. to OHSAS 18001.

The production capacity of Kamaridis GlobalWire Group amounts to more than 70,000 tons annually resulting to the direct disposition of its products in Greek & International Markets.


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