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Kamaridis GlobalWire Group, with a leading presence in 65 countries in all 5 continents, has gained high recognition in the domestic and international markets. Among other things, since 2010 he has been one of the strongest companies in Greece.

With production lines of polyurethane panels, black and galvanized wires, nails and a wide range of steel products increases volumes and sales values.

Making the case of Greek exports a "personal bet", the management continues to support the company's visibility in times of great demand, through inventive promotional moves and pioneering synergies aimed at contributing to the redeposit ion of Greece to the global industrial map, promoting Greek industrial products of high standards.

Continuous investments, high quality objectives, innovation and the vision of further growth lead to the ranking of the company into the world's largest forces.

Kamaridis GlobalWire Group Exports
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