Galvanized Wire Mesh KAMFLAP

KAMARIDIS GLOBAL WIRE S.A also produces rectangular shaped wire mesh.

Composed of horizontal and vertical from cold-drawn wire rods. The diameter of the wires being from Φ2.7 to Φ3.5 and the "eyes" being rectangular 5*10.

Technical Characterstics  KAMFLAP
Technical Characterstics  KAMFLAP


Galvanized wire mesh with eyes in rectangular form

Quality of raw material

Galvanized wire mesh semi hard

Dimensions - Shape

Dimension of sheet 1.50x5.00m and 2.00x5.00m


Bundles of 50 sheets

On privately owned facilities, qualified staff and modern cutting machinery KAMARIDIS GLOBAL WIRE S.A. is ready to deliver its products satisfying every demand.

Top quality wire mesh with high resistance, excellent ductility and elasticity which overcomes both Greek and International specs. 

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