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Composite Slabs

Hideck 75

(structural steel formwork - composite slabs)

Our new product (HIDECK 75), is ideal for use in steel framed buildings as they provide a quick and economical form of construction. It is evident that with its high strength it is suitable for bridging long spans offering versatility and significant cost benefits.The upper trapezoid surface has been reinforced against local buckling with additional reinforcement in its middle. On both body and base the embossments offer better bonding between the steel sheeting and concrete.

Hideck 75 - section

Standard Applications

This steel sheet is ideal for use with concrete composite slabs as structural metallic formworks. Due to its high strength, it is suitable for bridging long spans, versatile and cost efficient.  


  • Easy installation 
  • High corrosion resistance 
  • High mechanical strength 
  • Installation without need for conventional support formwork 
  • Few props 
  • Fast installation 
  • Much lower cost compared to conventional construction methods 
  • Final visible surface without additional operations 
  • Extremely fast construction and installation of suspended services

Material Specifications
Technical Specifications
Certification from NTUA & Loading Tables


Technical Characteristics of Steel (EN 10327 / EN 10142 / EN 10143)






0.75mm – 1.00mm - 1.25mm

Zinc Coating (Z)

275 gr/m2

Tensile Strength

EN 10142

Technical Data

Section Properties HIDECK 75   Table 1
Thickness     t(mm) 0.75 1.00 1.25
Weight G(kg/m) 7.36 9.81 12.27
Area   A(cm2) 2.223 2.958 3.962
Moment of Inertia Iy(cm4) 19.406 25.803 32.165
Moment of Resistance Wy(cm3) 5.1832 6.9541 7.9392

Table 1: Section Properties of trapezoid steel sheet HIDECK 75.

Section Properties HIDECK 75   Table 2
Thickness     t(mm) 0.75 1.00 1.25
Weight G(ΚΝ/m2) 9.81 13.08 16.36
Area   A(cm2/m) 12.76 16.96 21.31
Moment of Inertia Iy(cm4/m) 110.01 147.22 184.43
Moment of Resistance Wy(cm3/m) 27.57 36.99 42.23

Table 2: Section Properties of trapezoid steel sheet HIDECK 75 per meter width.


KAMARIDIS GLOBALWIRE GROUP OF COMPANIES in collaboration with NTUA School of Engineering and steel structures design software company CCS, performed experimental investigations of composite slabs, using KAMARIDIS GLOBAL WIRE S.A. steel sheets HIDECK 75, in order to determine resistance values.

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