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Loading - Transport - Unloading

KAMARIDIS GLOBALWIRE products are transported from the factory to their destination by road on open top trucks.

During transport, up to three pallets can be stacked on top of each other, and a maximum of two rows can be placed side by side.

Pallets are loaded and unloaded using special forklifts with four forks suitable for pallets up to 16 m in length.

Drivers must give their utmost attention to the safe tightening of the pallets on the truck! The use of metal straps, chains and ropes is forbidden.

The load must be secured with suitable flexible textile straps.

The straps should be tightened with care in order to avoid any damage to and deformation of the panels, especially those on top of the pallets.

For additional protection, special hard plastic corner brackets should be placed between the straps and the top panels of each pallet.

During transport, straps should be checked periodically and tightened in case they are loose

Palletized consignments are unloaded at their destination at the recipient’s responsibility and risk.

In order to avoid damage to the packaged products, the following instructions for proper unloading below must be followed:

    • Pallets must be lifted and unloaded one by one.
    • Packages longer than six (6) meters must be unloaded by crane using flexible lifting straps with a width of at least 100 mm and a carrier block
    • Packages with a length up to six (6) meters can be unloaded by forklift or by crane using flexible lifting straps.

    • In order to avoid damage during unloading, the points of contact with the lifting straps should be protected. Corner brackets or wooden boards with a width of 60 mm greater than the maximum width of the pallet may be used.
    • The bottommost panels in the pallet must be protected from damage which may be caused by the forks of the forklift. (Forks should be covered in protective foam material)
    • Once the pallet is unwrapped, each individual panel must be lifted from the pallet and not dragged over the others. Panels are to be handled with care in order to avoid abrasions and hits.
      Panels, especially long ones, must be transported in an upright position in order to avoid bending. They should not be lifted by the indentations at the male - female sides.

  • The self-adhesive protective film on both outer surfaces should be removed immediately after their installation and in no case after more than one week.
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